The Suffolk County Police Officers’ Emerald Society was founded in 1967.  Three short years later, the fledgling membership of 82 Irish-American law enforcement officers took on the task
of forming a pipe band. 

With the patient assistance of Walter Summers and Earl Paul, the Band took to the street in 1971 to perform for the Suffolk County Police Holy Name Society.  Countless hours of practice had paid off, but that original ensemble learned so quickly that they outpaced the seamstress making their kilts.  That first official performance saw the Band outfitted in police blues with a green ascot and a dark blue balmoral.  A flattering combination in black and white.




By Saint Patrick’s Day of 1972 the kilts were finally ready, and the Band took to the Streets of New York in the very same uniform we wear today.  


Our kilts are still hand made by MacPherson’s of Edinburgh where our tartan is registered as “Suffolk Check”.   The Scots tartan was purposely chosen in order to honor the military origins of the modern pipe band and to pay homage to the para-military nature of police service.

The Band has marched up 5th Avenue on every St. Patrick’s Day since 1972.  We have grown from that original roster of 20 to over 54 marching members and scores of alumni.


Although we’ll never outgrow New York, we have greatly expanded our travel horizons since those humble beginnings.  From Savannah, Georgia, to Washington D.C., from Key West, to New Orleans, Chicago to the shores of the Emerald Isle, the Band has traveled far and wide. 


At home in Suffolk County we’ve marched in every local Saint Patrick’s Parade at least once, dedicated scores of buildings and monuments, celebrated weddings, promotions and retirements, and most unfortunately, have honored far too many of our great fallen. 


As we approach our 50th anniversary we look back proudly on those who have gone before us.  Those who have persevered, who have toiled and sacrificed.  We are honored to carry their tradition forward.



























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